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HJC News – Vayeira

Our condolences to Claire Lefkowitz and her children, and Goldie Skolnick on the passing of Art Lefkowitz this week. They are sitting Shiva at the Lefkowitz home 4109 Stilmore till Monday morning.

Zman Krias Shema this Shabbos is at 9:37 AM.

The last meeting of the current Board will take place this Wednesday at 8PM.  All current Board members and their spouses are invited to attend.

Please take advantage of the learning opportunities available here at the shul.

  • Shalosh Seudos will be devoted to looking at the life of someone whose Yortzeit was the past or upcoming week. This Shabbos we will speak about Shlomo Carlebach.
  • Starting next Sunday November 15 at 8 PM, we will start a three part series on Hilchos Shabbos.
  • Resuming next Monday November 16, Deena will be giving her Women’ Class on Mondays at 10:30 AM, on Severn Road in Cleveland Heights. 
  • The Garden of Peace Chabura will resume on Thursday nights at 8 PM at the shul.  All married men are welcome to attend.  The Chabura will have a short Shabbos component as well.

Good Shabbos
Rabbi Davidovich

Friday evening, November 6      

  Mincha   5:00 PM
  Candle lighting   4:57 PM

Saturday, November 7 (Vayeira)      

  Parsha class   8:30 AM
  Shacharis   9:00 AM
  Latest Shema   9:38 AM
  Navi class   4:15 PM
  Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv   4:45 PM
  Shabbos ends   6:04 PM

Sunday, November 8      

  Shacharis   8:00 AM
  Mincha-Ma’ariv   4:55 PM

Monday-Thursday, November 9-12      

  Gemara class   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM
  Mincha-Ma’ariv   4:55 PM

Friday, November 13      

  Gemara class   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM
  Candle lighting   4:50 PM 
  Mincha   4:55 PM

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