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Times at HJC: Shabbos Parshas Shelach – Shabbos Mevorchim

Subject: Times at HJC: Shabbos Parshas Shelach – Shabbos Mevorchim
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2018 09:24:15 -0400
From: Heights Jewish Center <office

· Refuah Sheleimah to Alvin Cohen, Sylvia Cohen, Eileen Goldblatt, and Ted Lidsky.

· Tomorrow is Shabbos Mevorchim.

· Heights Jewish Center proudly presents How to JEWISH Adult, a four part series on Jewish “adulting”. The next session will take place on Monday, June 18th at 7:00 PM. The topic is on Preparing for the Future: Kids, College, and Retirement. Please contact Stevenszp030 to RSVP or ask a question.

· It was a “gants gut” (very good) time with yiddishkeit table tennis last Sunday (Men) and Wednesday (Women), all skill levels were represented. Todah Rabbah to Gavriel Einatanov our MC & Instructor. For next week Men’s Table Tennis will be on Sunday June 10 @ 11:00 AM and Women’s Table Tennis will be Wednesday June 13 @ 7:00 PM. All are welcome for invigorating fun. One time charge for all sessions is $10.

· A Cholent Kiddush is sponsored by Boris and Rachel Kagarlitskiy in gratitude and Hakaras Hatov to Hashem for everything he does.

Friday, June 8

Mincha 7:10 pm

Early Candle-Lighting 7:25 pm

Late Candle-Lighting 8:40 pm

Shabbos, June 9

Dr. Bela Glaser memorial Parsha Shiur 8:30 pm

Shacharis 9:00 am

Sof Zman Krias Shema 9:39 am

Navi Shiur 7:55 pm

Mincha 8:25 pm

Shabbos ends 9:50 pm


Next Week (June 10-15)


Sunday 8:00 am

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 6:45 am

Wednesday and Thursday (Rosh Chodesh) 6:30 am

(Gemara Shiur M-F 6:15 am)


Sunday through Thursday 8:45 pm

(Mishna Shiur 8:15 pm)

Friday 7:15 pm

Candle-Lighting next Friday, June 15

7:28 pm-8:44 pm

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