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Long-awaited good news

Long awaited GOOD news:


Dear Friends,




It is with great joy and appreciation to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that we share with you the good news that Rabbi Davidovich is home.  This is a tremendous step in the right direction on this long journey.  
Please understand that though he is home and much, much better than he was, we still appreciate the tefillos for Raphael ben Leah Toiba as he continues to recuperate.  We are also touched and strengthened by your emails and the outpouring of chessed and good wishes.  However, he is still very weak and is requesting no visitors at this time.  We promise to let you know as soon as he is readyt–though he wants to be ready now, it takes time to heal and it's important to go at a safe pace.  We appreciate the understanding.
Looking forward to a the time when we will be able to join with you all in full health bezras Hashem.
Have a wonderful week.
Rabbi Davidovich and Deena and Family
Please understand and respect the Rabbi's family's  request. Many of us may feel that this request does not apply to US personally, but IT DOES.   The Rabbi wants nothing more than to return to his proper place as quickly as possible.  Your allowing him to fully recuperate will hasten this return.  We will continue to recite tehilim morning and evening until such time as the Rabbi deems proper.
rob altshuler












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