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Announcements and times, May 12, 2017

Refuah Sheleimah Rabbeinu Moreinu HaRav Raphael Davidovich. 

Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Jeff and Melanie Muller as a zechus for a Refuah Sheleimah for Rabbi Davidovich.

Submit names in the Shavuos Yizkor book by contacting the office.

The Simcha Kiddush will take place May 20th. Just $18.00 per name.

Rabbi Sender Stoll will be our guest speaker between Shacharis and Mussaf.

Kiddush is sponsored by Jeff and Melanie Muller in honor of the Aufruf and upcoming marriage of their son Aaron to Chayala Brog. Mazel Tov to Jeff and Melanie Muller and to the grandparents Lou and Josephine Muller.

The Rebbetzin and Rabbi are getting tremendous chizuk (strength) from the e-mails being sent to them. Again, they are requesting that anyone who wants to contact them should please refrain from visiting, calling or texting any of their phone numbers and email them instead.  Please continue davening for Raphael Ben Toiba Leah for a refuah sheleimah b’karov!


Friday, May 12

6:55 pm Mincha

7:06 pm Early Candle-Lighting

8:18 pm Late Candle-Lighting


Parshas Acharei Emor, May 13

Parsha Shiur- CANCELLED

9:00 am Shacharis


Mincha 8:05 pm

Shabbos ends after 9:26 pm


Sunday, May 14

8:00 am Shacharis

8:30 pm Mincha-Maariv


Monday- Thursday, May 15-18

6:15 am Gemara Shiur

6:45 am Shacharis

8:30 pm Mincha-Maariv


Friday, May 19

6:15 am Gemara Shiur

6:45 am Shacharis

7:05 pm Mincha

7:11 pm Early Candle- Lighting

8:25 pm Late Candle-Lighting


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