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Babysitting and Childcare at HJC

We wish to thank Riva Weinstock for the past year of babysitting for the Shul’s children on Shabbos mornings. This Shabbos will be her last day, as she has graduated college​.​
(Mazel Tov!!) and will be no longer available.

At this time, we have been unable to find a new sitter for Shabbos mornings. If anyone knows of a reliable and available young adult or adult, please contact Rob Altshuler at 216-387-3340 with this information. ​
Until a new person is found,
​for the safety and comfort of the children, ​we trust that the
parents ​
will make arrangements with each other, such as
up to take turns watching their children while the other parents attend services.

At the same time, we are looking for someone to coordinate our Yomim No​raim ​
youth programming, including babysitting and activities for the older children when they are not accompanying their parents in services. Thank you to Channa Ireland for the many years she took on this responsibility for ​all of us.

Rob Altshuler

President, HJCS

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