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Corrected HJC News – Bereishis

(The previous email contained errors.)

Condolences to Sima Kaufman on the passing of her father. Shiva is in Israel.

The biannual election for Shul Board and Officers will be taking place this Sunday, October 11 at 9 am. Single and Family Membership entitles you to vote. We have 23 candidates for the 20 board positions so your vote is critical in determining who will help lead us through the next two years. Those unable to attend the meeting will be able to vote via absentee ballot. In order to obtain an absentee ballot please contact the office Friday morning.

Deena’s weekly class for women resumes this Monday, October 12 at 9:30am at our home, 14385 Washington. All women in the community are welcome to attend.

I have been typing up some of my Torah thoughts on a website, called "This Shiur is About You". Anyone who is interested in following my write-ups should go to , and read them there, or sign up there to receive emails of the newest posts.

The Shabbos Project Cleveland will take place October 22nd-24th, 2015. Visit sbaker8100.

Super Sunday is October 25th. Our very own Jordan and Rochie Berkowitz are co-chairing this year’s Super Sunday fundraising drive for the Federation. Even those of us who do not participate in Federation life should know that our shul and community are direct beneficiaries of the Federation in a number of very real tangible ways. Please consider involving yourself by participating and/or increasing your donation this year.

Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan is this Tuesday and Wednesday. The previous email was incorrect.

Good Shabbos

Rabbi Davidovich

Friday, October 9
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Candle Lighting 6:37 PM
Mincha 6:40 PM

Shabbos, October 10 (Bereishis)
Parsha Shiur 8:30 AM
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Navi Shiur 5:55 PM
Mincha 6:25 PM
followed by Shalosh Seudos
Shabbos ends 7:44 PM

Sunday, October 11
Shacharis 8:00 AM
Mincha-Ma’ariv 6:35 PM
followed by Mishnayos Shiur

Monday, October 12
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Mincha-Ma’ariv 6:35 PM

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 13-14 (Rosh Chodesh)
Gemara Shiur will not meet
Shacharis 6:30 AM
(Brochos on Tallis-Tefillin after 6:37 AM)
Mincha-Ma’ariv 6:35 PM
followed by Mishnayos Shiur

Thursday, October 15
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Mincha-Ma’ariv 6:30 PM (Note earlier time)

followed by Mishnayos Shiur

Friday, October 16
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Candle Lighting 6:26 PM
Mincha 6:30 PM

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