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HJC Bamidbar

Refuah Sheleimah Rabbeinu Moreinu Harav Raphael Davidovich. The Rabbi is making very good progress as he recuperates at home.  


Refuah Sheleimah to Dr. Ricky Prizant.


Mazel Tov to Yisroel and Sherrie Mendenhall on the engagement of their daughter Chaya to Max Winters.


We welcome Ted and Lorinda Lidsky as new members to Heights Jewish Center.


Rabbi Lieberman will be our guest speaker this Shabbos.   


This week's Shalosh Seudas is in honor of the shloshim of Dr. Bela Glaser. Rabbi Akiva Feinstein will speak in his memory at Shalosh Seudos. Please follow the link below for an article on Dr. Glaser:


Did you know you could sponsor a leaf on our Simcha tree outside the main sanctuary for just $54.00? Call the office to order yours today!


We will be having all night learning on Shavous evening.  Please see Flyer for details. Start time of 12:45 A.M. followed by Shacharis at 5:20 A.M.


The Rebbetzin and Rabbi are getting tremendous chizuk (strength) from the e-mails being sent to them. Again, they are requesting that anyone who wants to contact them should please refrain from visiting, calling or texting their phones and email



Friday, May 26

Mincha 7:00 pm

Early Candle-Lighting 7:15 pm

Late Candle-Lighting 8:30 pm


Parshas Bamidbar, May 27

Parsha Shiur CANCELLED

Shacharis 9:00 am

Latest Shema 9:40 am


Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Maariv 8:20 pm

Shabbos ends after 9:39 pm


Sunday, May 28

Shacharis 8:00 am

Mincha-Maariv 8:35 pm

Mishna Shiur CANCELLED


Monday, May 29

Gemara Shiur CANCELLED

Shacharis 6:45 am

Mincha-Maariv 8:35 pm

Mishna Shiur CANCELLED


Tuesday, May 30, EREV SHAVUOS

Gemara Shiur CANCELLED

Shacharis 6:45 am

Mincha-Maariv 8:40 pm

Candle Lighting 8:33 pm

Kiddush after 9:41 pm

Tikun Leil Shavuos 12:45 am


Wednesday, May 31, SHAVUOS, First Day

Early Shacharis 5:20 am

Sunrise 5:55 am

Late Shacharis 9:00 am

Latest Shema 9:39 am

Mincha-Shiur-Maariv 8:35 pm

Candle Lighting from an existing flame after 9:42 pm


Thursday, June 1, SHAVUOS, Second Day

Shacharis 9:00 am

Latest Shema 9:40 am

Yizkor after 10:30 am

Mincha-Neilas HaChag-Maariv 8:30 pm

Yom Tov ends 9:43 pm


Friday, June 2

Gemara Shiur CANCELLED

Shacharis 6:45 am

Mincha 7:05 pm

Early Candle-Lighting 7:20 pm

Late Candle-Lighting 8:36 pm


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