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HJC Daily Beis Medrash Program

As announced on Shavuos, Heights Jewish Center, in order to live up to its name Beis Medrash Hagodol, is instituting a comprehensive learning program, beginning Sunday June 13. 

In the mornings, (Sunday through Friday) immediately after Shacharis, we will learn about one Aliyah a day of the week’s parsha, with Rashi.

We will institute a Chevra Mishnayos, a group devoted to learning the entire Mishna over a one-to-two year period.  During the summer months, we will start thirty minutes before Mincha, Sunday through Thursday.  The plan is to cover at least one chapter of Mishna a day, sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on the length and complexity.  Adjustments to time and length would be made as needed.  I strongly recommend using this edition of the Mishna:

We will continue our weekday 6:15am Gemara shiur, which is currently learning Sanhedrin. 

Participating in the program will fulfill the Halachic requirement to learn Chumash, Mishna and Gemara every day.  Being part of any shiur will significantly increase one’s knowledge of Torah and enhance any other chavrusas and shiurim that you already attend.  We welcome your input and suggestions for additions to the program. 

We plan for the program to begin on Sunday June 13, that’s a week from this coming Sunday. 

Spread the word.
Rabbi Raphael Davidovich

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