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HJC News – Bamidbar-SHAVUOS

Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by Bob and Debby Jacob in memory of Jack Mandel.

The next Simcha Kiddush is Shabbos June 20th. Please call the office to co-sponsor for as little as $18 a name.

The Schedule for Tikkun Leil Shavuos this year at the shul is as follows:

12:30am- When Customs Collide: Basar V’Chalav on Shavu’ot, given by Rabbi Jason Claude

Learning during the rest of the night will be given by me, with the following topics as follows:
"Tikkun Leil Shavuos" continued:
This will be "text-based", but I very much want this to be more in the style of a conversation, "Talking in learning", than a class with one speaker and many listeners/sleepers. So please plan to bring your speaking caps. All times are approximate.

2am-Sefer Bamidbar
2:30am-Sefer Devarim
3am- Yehoshua
3:20am- Shoftim
3:40am- Shmuel
4:00am -Melachim
4:30am – The Beraisa of Rabbi Yishmael: How Halacha is extracted from Chumash

On Monday after Mincha, we will be having a Neilas Hachag celebration, which is traditionally done as a Seuda of sorts, to conclude YomTov on a positive celebratory note. There is an idea I want to share with you, which I am entitling, Torah She’Baal Peh: Redefining the term, for ourselves, our family and our friends.

Good Shabbos and Good YomTov
Rabbi Davidovich

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