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HJC News – Cholent

Cholent  kiddush is co-sponsored by Jack and Sharon Klein, Rob and Jan Atshuler, Gershon and Mary Ireland, Stuart and Jeniffer Mintz and Fred and Katya Bolotin in honor of the following three people:
  • Newborn Nili Tamar.- Granddaughter of Gershon and Mary Ireland and Stuart and Jeniffer Mintz, born to David and Jackie in Israel.
  • Meira Mullis
  • Elianna Perla
Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Males in memory of his mother.

Mazel Tov to Charlie and Lisa Beer on the birth of a baby girl, Devorah Kayla.  Mazel Tov to grandparents Lenny and Penny Beer.

Refuah Sheleima to Betty Hoffer, Larry Crane and Esther Sherman.

Good Shabbos.
Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, June 20

    Mincha    7:15 PM  (Note: In shul last week, 7:10PM was announced.)
    Candle lighting early    7:28 PM
    Candle lighting late    8:45 PM

Saturday, June 21 (Sh’lach)

    Parsha class    8:30 AM
    Shacharis    9:00 AM
    Latest Shema    9:40 PM
    Navi class    8:10 PM
    Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv    8:40 PM
    Shabbos ends    9:54 PM

Sunday, June 22

    Shacharis    8:00 AM
    Rambam    8:20 PM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv    8:50 PM

Monday-Thursday, June 23-26

    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM
    Rambam    8:20 PM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv    8:50 PM

Friday, June 27

    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM

Friday evening, June 27

    Mincha    7:15 PM
    Candle lighting early    7:29 PM
    Candle lighting late    8:46 PM

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