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HJC News – Devarim/Chazon

Mazel Tov to Adam and Rachel Covitch on the birth of a boy.  There will be a Shalom Zachor tonight at their home 2429 Elmdale.  

Mazel Tov to Jack and Sharon Klein on the recent birth of two grandchildren.

Our condolences to Miriam Chamberg on the passing of her mother.

Refuah Sheleima to Mike Swirski.

There will be no Shalosh Seudos in shul this Shabbos.  Mincha is scheduled for an earlier time in order to give people an opportunity to return home and have Shalosh Seudos there.  No Erev Tisha B’Av customs or Seuda Hamafsekes rules should be observed on Shabbos.  Eating and drinking should stop during Shabbos, at sunset: 8:47 PM.

Once Shabbos ends, one should acknowledge its conclusion by saying “Baruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol” and removing one’s leather shoes.  Maariv is at 10 PM in order to give people the opportunity to drive to shul for Maariv and Eicha.

Havdala is deferred until the fast ends. One must make Havdala before ending the fast. On Saturday night only the bracha on the candle is said.
Please note that Shacharis this Sunday will be at 8:30 AM.
(I recommend you bring your own crates or pillows or low chairs to shul.)
The Siyum Hashas Event will take place this Wednesday evening August 1 at MetLife Stadium.  There will be a Live Hook-Up shown at Heights High School.  Mincha there will be at 7 PM, followed by the program at 7:20 PM.  Tickets can be purchased at the local Judaica Stores.

Good Shabbos.
Have an easy fast.
Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, July 27       

    Mincha    7:05 PM
    Candle lighting early    7:18 PM
    Candle lighting late    8:30 PM

Saturday, July 28  (Devarim/Chazon)       

    Parsha class    8:30 AM
    Shacharis    9:00 AM
    Navi class    6:00 PM  (NOTE Early time)
    Mincha    6:30 PM  (NOTE Early time)
    Fast begins    8:47 PM
    Shabbos ends    9:37 PM
    Ma’ariv-Eicha    10:00 PM

Sunday, July 29 (Tisha B’Av Fast)       

    Shacharis followed by selected Kinot with insights and explanations (NO tallis or t’fillin)   8:30 AM
    Chatzos      1:32 PM
    Chofetz Chaim Heritage video    1:30 PM
    Aish Hatorah video   3:15 PM
    Mincha (with tallis and t’fillin)    8:10 PM
    Fast ends    9:31 PM

Schedule for the rest of the week

 Monday July 30 through Friday August 3
   Gemara Shiur  6:15 AM
   Shacharis   6:45 AM
   Chumash-Rashi Shiur  7:30 AM
 Monday July 30 through Thursday August 2
   Mishna Shiur   8:00 PM  (except for this Wednesday)
   Mincha-Maariv  8:30 PM
Next Friday, August 3
  Mincha   7:00 PM
  Candle Lighting  from 7:12 PM till 8:22 PM
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