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HJC News – Eikev

Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by Lenny and Eliana Abramov in gratitude to Hashem for the birth of their daughter Ilana Rachel.

Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Alex Adelman in memory of his father Moshe ben Yitzchak.

Chanan and Bobbi Perkel are moving to Baltimore in a couple of weeks. Many families are sponsoring a cholent Kiddush in their honor on August 15. If anyone else wants to participate by cosponsoring this Kiddush please contact Martin Lipman or Esther in the office.

This Shabbos is Shabbos Mevorchim. Rosh Chodesh Elul will be the NEXT Shabbos and Sunday.

Good Shabbos
Rabbi Davidovich

Friday, August 7
Shacharis 6:45 AM

Mincha 6:55 PM
Candle lighting 7:09 PM – 8:19 PM

Shabbos, August 8 (Eikev)
Parsha Shiur 8:30 AM

Shacharis 9:00 AM
Navi Shiur 7:35 PM
Mincha 8:05 PM
Shabbos ends 9:26 PM

Sunday, August 9
Shacharis 8:00 AM

Mishnayos will not meet this week
Mincha-Maariv 8:20 PM

Monday-Thursday, August 10-13
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Mishnayos will not meet this week
Mincha-Maariv 8:15 PM

Friday, August 14
Shacharis 6:45 AM

Mincha 6:50 PM
Candle lighting 7:01 PM – 8:09 PM

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