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HJC News – Ki Savo

Thank you to Adam and Rachel Covitch for donating a new Bimah cover for the Beis Midrash in memory of their grandparents Bernard and Ruth Covitch and Lou and Fromie Nidich.

Thank you to everyone who came out to assist in the Lansing Cemetery clean-up this past Sunday. I think we had a wonderful turnout, from the shul as well as the whole Jewish community. Tizku L’Mitzvos.

There will be a stone setting for Barbara Schlesinger’s mother Beatrice Weiser this coming Sunday, August 25 at 10:00 AM at Zion Memorial Park.

The deadline for purchasing wine through the shul is this Monday, August 26.

I will be speaking at the GILAH Monthly Women’s Luncheon this Monday, August 26 at 1pm in the upstairs Beis Midrash of the Young Israel of Greater Cleveland.

Please call or contact the shul office to make arrangements for Yom Tov seats, babysitting, and placing names of departed loved ones in the Yizkor Booklet.

Good Shabbos
Rabbi Davidovich

Friday, August 23

Mincha 6:40 PM
Candle lighting between 6:50 PM and 7:55 PM
Saturday, August 24 (Ki Savo)
Parsha Shiur 8:30 AM
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Navi Shiur 7:15 PM
Mincha 7:45 PM

Shabbos ends 9:02 PM

Sunday thru Thursday, August 25-29

Shacharis S- 8 AM M-F 6:45 AM
Mincha-Maariv 7:50 PM
Friday, August 30
Mincha 6:30 PM (last early Mincha of the season)
Candle lighting between 6:40 PM and 7:44 PM

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