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HJC News – Mikeitz

Mazel Tov to Tova Mendenhall, and Yisroel and Sherrie Mendenhall, on Tova’s engagement to Avraham Weiner. 

The Reservation-only Chanuka Installation Luncheon will be held Shabbos after Mussaf in the Social Hall on the lower level.

Shalosh Seudos this Shabbos is sponsored by Harold and Edith Shachter in memory of Edith’s father Bernard Moses.

Mincha is getting later. However, a number of our Mincha-Maariv regulars are still unable to join us at that time of day.  If you are available to join us for Mincha-Maariv, please do so, even if you usually daven elsewhere during the week.

Good Shabbos and Happy Chanukah,
Rabbi Davidovich

Friday, December 23
  Shacharis           6:40 AM  

  Candle lighting     4:42 PM  

  Mincha              4:35 PM

Saturday, December 24 (Mikeitz)

  Parsha class   8:30 AM
  Shacharis   9:00 AM
  Navi class   4:05 PM
  Mincha       4:35 PM  (Followed by Shalosh Seudos)
  Shabbos ends   5:51 PM

The Week of December 25 through 30



   Sunday        8:00 AM
   Monday (Rosh Chodesh)  8:00 AM
   Tuesday  (Rosh Chodesh)  6:40 AM
   Wednesday                6:40 AM
   Thursday-Friday (Chanukah)   6:45 AM  
    Sunday through Friday    4:50 PM
    Friday Candle Lighting 4:47 PM
Learning Opportunities
  Mishnayos:    This week: Wednesday and Thursday after Maariv
  Gemara:   This week: Thursday and Friday 6:15 AM
  Chumash Rashi:   Sunday through Friday after Shacharis
  Gemara shiur with Rabbi Kirsch:   Sunday evening at 8:30 PM

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