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HJC News – Noach

Refuah Sheleima to Mike Hoffer.

The Chumash, Gemara and Mishnayos Shiurim all resumed this week.  It’s nice to get back into a full pattern of regularly scheduled Torah and Tefilla.  There are a few changes that I want to mention.

The Shabbos morning Parsha Shiur this year will focus more on the Medrash.  Many medrashim are known to us by way of the Rashi comments that make their way home from school, or from the standard commentaries we read all the time.  The Medrash has much must more than what Rashi cites.  Many medrashim are fantastical on the surface, and thereby reveal new layers of meaning . Many other medrashim shed light on a theme of the Parsha or of a particular person or incident in a “new” or unconventional way.  I am looking forward to the venture and invite more of you to join us. It’s a great way to start the Shabbos morning Avoda.
Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by David and Sara Farkas.  I think what we did last week at Shalosh Seudos has some promise: Focusing on a current or topical event or topic from the recent past and addressing it from a halachic or Jewish angle.  As usual, I am always open to suggestions.  

This Sunday October 21 is the Federation’s “Super-Sunday” pledge drive.  Many important causes, people in need, and more personally our Shul and the Orthodox Jewish community in Cleveland are very real beneficiaries of the Federation.  Please make a point of responding positively to the Appeal.  

Save the Date: The Shul’s next Hot Topic Breakfast will be Sunday November 4 at 9am.  

The shul is organizing a CPR class for interested members, to take place on Thursday, November 29 at 6pm at the shul. Please contact Rob Altshuler by Monday to be included.  216-387-3340  or

I wish you all a Good Shabbos

Rabbi Davidovich


Friday, October 19
  Candle lighting        6:20 PM  
  Mincha         6:25 PM

Saturday, October 20 (Noach)
  Parsha class   8:30 AM
  Shacharis   9:00 AM
  Navi class   5:40 PM
  Mincha       6:10 PM  (Followed by Shalosh Seudos)
  Shabbos ends   7:26 PM

This Week 
 Sunday October 21
   Shacharis       8:00 AM 

   Chumash-Rashi   8:45 AM
   Mincha       6:20 PM
   Mishnayos  7:00 PM

 Monday through Thursday, October 22-25
   Gemara Shiur       6:15 AM
   Shacharis             6:45 AM  
   Chumash-Rashi    7:35 AM 
   Mincha                6:20 PM
   Mishnayos          7:00 PM

 Friday, October 26
   Gemara Shiur       6:15 AM
   Shacharis             6:45 AM 
   Chumash-Rashi    7:35 AM

   Candle Lighting    6:10 PM
   Mincha          6:15 PM 

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