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HJC NEWS: Parshas Balak

  • Condolences to Aaron Goldberg on the passing of his mother, Lillian Goldberg.
  • Refuah Sheleimah to Alvin Cohen, Sylvia Cohen, Eileen Goldblatt, and Ted Lidsky.
  • Mazel Tov to Jeff and Melanie Muller on becoming grandparents! Mazel Tov to Aaron and Chayala Muller on the birth of a baby girl, Chana Etel.


  • Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Rabbi Jason and Sandra Claude on the first yahrtzeit of Jason’s grandmother, Jean Avidon (Genesha bas Yehudah Leib) and Dr. Larry and Phylis Pomerantz in memory of Larry’s mother Raiza Devosa Bas Eliezer HaCohen.


  • Table Tennis for men is cancelled Sunday due to the fast; women’s tennis 7:00 PM is still on Wednesday. All welcome and all skill levels.



The Simcha Kiddush is sponsored by…………..

  • Rob and Jan Altshuler in honor of Riva Weinstock on graduating college, Shlomo Davidovich on graduating – going to Yeshiva, Naama Ireland – Bas Mitzvah, anyone else I missed on graduating, Special thanks to Edith Ben-tor for making the kugels for our kiddushes.
  • Steve and Beth Baker in memory of their friendStuart Greenberg, Shimon Gedalia ben Avraham
  • Rabbi Jason and Sandra Claude in honor of Jason’s birthday.
  • Morton Cohen in honor of his Birthday, his grandmother Esther Cohen, his brother Gershon Chaim Ben Avram HaCohen.
  • Edna in honor of her 46th Birthday.
  • Bob and Debby Jacob in honor of the birthdays of their granddaughters Elisheva and Rylee.
  • Dr. Shira Katz Todah to Hakodosh Baruch Hu for helping me pass my recertification board exams.
  • Robert Kleyman and Alla in memory of Maya Kleyman-Maya Chaya Bas Elyahu A’H.
  • Martin and Marla Lipman for Kaylee Lipman’s birthday, and for Josh Mendelson’s birthday yesterday, welcoming him to the other side of the hill.
  • YoYo and Marni Moore in honor of our daughter Sara’s first birthday.
  • Sharon and Joel Peerless in honor of Joel’s retirement from the VAd Hospital.
  • Helen Rothman in honor of John Schuster and William’s Birthday.
  • Schlesinger and Weinstock families in honor of Shira graduating High School and Penina’s and Riva’s graduation from college.
  • Aaron and Anne Wolf in honor of Anne & Aaron’s 10th Anniversary, Anne’s birthday, and Yael’s 4th birthday.
  • Chuck and Sandra Zeitler in honor of Davida Schultz’s Birthday.



Friday, June 29
Mincha    7:15 pm
Early Candle-Lighting    7:30 pm
Late Candle-Lighting      8:46 pm

Shabbos, June 30


Dr.Glaser Parsha Shiur       8:30 am
Shacharis                               9:00 am
Sof Zman Krias Shema       9:43 am
Navi Shiur                             8:00 pm
Mincha                                   8:30 pmj
Shabbos ends                        9:55 pm

Next Week

Sunday, July 1
Fast of Shiva Asar B’Tammuz (deferred)
Fast begins                           4:44 am
Shacharis                              8:00 am
Mincha-Maariv                    8:35 pm
Fast ends                               9:50 pm

Monday through Friday, July 2-6
Monday, Tuesday. Thursday, Friday   6:45 am
(Gemara Shiur M-T-Th-​F  6:15 am)
Wednesday, July 4                           8:00 am


Monday through Thursday                   8:50 pm
(Mishna Shiur M-Th 8:20 pm)
Friday                                                        7:15 pm

Candle-Lighting next Friday, July 6
7:29 pm-8:45 pm






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