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HJC News–Parshas B’reishis

A BIG Thank you to Rivah Schlesinger, Melanie Muller, Zahava Seltzer, Lorna Shulman, Riva Weinstock, Suzi Weinstock, and Sandra Zeitler for all the volunteering, food preparation and help in the kitchen. We would not have a Simchas Torah meal without you! Thank you to Rob and Jan Altshuler, Yosef Chaim and Esti Weiss, and Shimshi and Miriam Taub for contributing monetarily towards food for Simchas Torah.

The Heights Jewish Center elections meeting will take place Sunday, October 22nd at 9:00 AM.  We need a minimum of 40 members present for that meeting. Absentee ballots are also available for those unable to attend. Please contact the office to obtain an absentee ballot.

Kiddush is sponsored by Zev and Leah Kushner in honor of their son Chaim Simcha Kushner’s Aufruf and upcoming marriage.





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