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HJC News – Parshas Shemini / Parah

Shalosh Seudos this week is provided by Oren and Talia Gahanian.  We will continue to speak about Rav Moshe Feinstein this week. 

Mazel Tov to the Lipmans on Aharon’s upcoming marriage.  I will be away Sunday and Monday.  

Shabbos Hagadol this year is on April 15-16.  We plan to have meals both Friday Night and Shabbos Day by reservation.  Details will follow. 

I will be available for Chometz Sale arrangements after this coming week. 

The next Ask-The-Rabbi Hot Topics Breakfast is on Sunday April 3. That’s a week from this Sunday.  Sponsorships are available.  

We will be having a “Getting Pesach Right!” Class discussing Outlook and Halacha Review, on Monday April 4 at 8:30PM.  Men and women are encouraged to attend.  

Good Shabbos

Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, March 25      

  Mincha   7:30 PM
  Candle lighting   7:26 PM

Saturday, March 26 (Shemini/Parah)      

  Parsha class   8:30 AM
  Shacharis   9:00 AM
  Navi class   6:50 PM
  Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv   7:20 PM
  Shabbos ends   8:35 PM

Sunday, March 27      

  Shacharis   8:00 AM
  Mincha-Ma’ariv-Mishnayos   7:35 PM

Monday-Thursday, March 28-31      

  Gemara class   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM
  Mincha-Ma’ariv-Mishnayos   7:35 PM

Friday, April 1      

  Gemara class   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM

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