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HJC News – Pinchas

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Yossi and Gila Kirsch on the birth of twin boys.  The Sholom Zochor(s?) will take place tonight at 24040 Wendover.

Mazel Tov to Alex and Betty Schnittlinger on the birth of a granddaughter, born to Rabbi and Mrs Sender Stoll.

The married men’s Garden of Peace Chabura will be held this Shabbos at 6:30PM at the home of Steve Baker, 2415 White Road, in University Heights.

Shalosh Seudos this Shabbos is sponsored by Jeff and Melanie Muller in memory of Melanie’s mother Regina Berk. 

Deena will be hosting a Shalosh Seudos for women next Shabbos July 18, at 6PM at our home 14385 Washington Blvd.  RSVP’s to Deena at are appreciated. 

A recording of a talk I gave in Baltimore last week;
Relationships and The Aseres Hadibros is now available on the Shul’s website for listening here: , or for download here:

All members of Heights Jewish Center are encouraged to please attend the Biennial Congregational Meeting on Sunday July 19 at 9:00AM, when all nominations for the Shul Board and Officers will be made for the next two years.  The elections will be held in October, but any and all nominations must be made at the July 19th meeting.  Your participation and involvement are encouraged and welcome.  A light breakfast will be served. 

Good Shabbos
Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, July 10      

  Mincha   7:15 PM
  Candle lighting early   7:27 PM
  Candle lighting late   8:43 PM

Saturday, July 11 (Pinchas)      

  Parsha class   8:30 AM
  Shacharis   9:00 AM
  Latest Shema   9:47 PM
  Navi class   8:05 PM
  Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv   8:35 PM
  Shabbos ends   9:51 PM

Sunday, July 12      

  Shacharis   8:00 AM
  Rambam shiur   8:20 PM
  Mincha-Ma’ariv   8:45 PM

Monday-Thursday, July 13-16      

  Gemara class   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM
  Rambam shiur   8:15 PM
  Mincha-Ma’ariv   8:45 PM

Friday, July 17      

  Gemara class   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM

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