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HJC News – Tetzaveh / Zachor

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Yehuda and Channa Appel on their son Shaya’s engagement. Mazel Tov to grandparents Harold and Feige Males.

Kiddush this Shabbos is co-sponsored by Hillel and Zahava Seltzer in memory of Hillel’s father.

Shalosh Seudos this Shabbos is sponsored by Jack Pink in memory of his father.

We have a Break-Fast Seuda planned for Monday night, after the Megillah reading.  The charge is $5. Please RSVP. 
We will have

  • a Kids’ Carnival.
  • Skits.
  • Music. (Please contact me if you have a portable CD Player you can bring.)
  • Jail. (Please reply to send in your Warden Application.)
  • Amazing Raffles of 3 Beautiful Shalach Manos Baskets
  • Amazing Raffles of some great Local Service Providers’ Time and Skills

Please pay attention to all the Changed Purim Times.  Mincha is at 4pm.  Deena and I welcome people to stop in at our home to say hello and make a L’Chaim.

The Cedar-Green Kollel will be hosting a post-Purim bash at our shul Tuesday night at 7:30PM.  All are welcome to attend.

There will be a Board Meeting this Wednesday March 11 at 8PM.

Next Shabbos the Cholent Kiddush will be held to honor Rabbi Schur’s upcoming Yohrtzeit. If you wish to sponsor or co-sponsor, please contact the office.

This Sunday March 8 at 10:45AM, Bonei Olam, a vital organization that helps Jewish couples all over the country, will have its Annual Brunch at Green Road Synagogue.    I will deliver the opening remarks.  Please try to attend and support them.  There is no charge.

Good Shabbos and a Freilichn Purim
Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, March 6       

    Mincha    6:10 PM
    Candle lighting    6:05 PM

Saturday, March 7 (Tetzaveh/Zachor)       

    Parsha class    8:30 AM
    Shacharis    9:00 AM
    Latest Shema    9:44 AM
    Navi class    5:30 PM
    Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv    6:00 PM
    Shabbos ends    7:14 PM


Sunday, March 8       

    Shacharis    8:00 AM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv-Rambam    7:10 PM

Monday, March 9 (Ta’anis Esther)       

    Fast begins    6:36 AM
    Gemara class    Cancelled
    Shacharis    6:30 AM
    Mincha    6:55 PM
    Ma’ariv-Megillah    8:00 PM

Tuesday, March 10 (Purim)       

    Gemara class    Cancelled
    Shacharis    6:30 AM
    Megillah    7:00 AM
    Second Megillah Reading: 9:30 AM
    Mincha    4:00 PM

Wednesday-Thursday, March 11-12       

    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv-Rambam    7:10 PM

Friday, March 13       

    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM
    Mincha    7:15 PM
    Candle lighting    7:13 PM

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