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HJC News – Vayeilech-Shabbos Shuva

This month’s Simcha Kiddush is co-sponsored by:
• Rob and Jan Altshuler in thanks for a good oncology report.
• Rochie and Jordan Berkowitz in honor of Yona Berkowitz’s 9th birthday.
• Fred and Katia Bolotin
• Edna Edelman; Shabbat Shalom, Shana Tova I can eat cholent today.
• Yossi Ireland in honor of Channa Ireland’s birthday.
• Bob and Debby Jacob in honor of our son Danny and daughter in law Ruth’s anniversary and our son Adams birthday.
• Martin and Marla Lipman in honor of the birthdays of Avramy Lipman and Stanley Lipman; our 25th anniversary of moving to University Heights; and Mazel Tov to the Rabbi on his 10 year anniversary at Heights.
• Joel and Sharon Peerless in honor of Ronit’s Birthday.
• Alex and Betty Schnittlinger wishing all of Klal Yisroel a happy, healthy new year.
• Shimshi and Miriam Taub in honor of the birthdays of Reva, Charlie, and Shimshi Taub.
• Dan and Randi Waxman in honor of a sweet, healthy, happy peaceful prosperous new year for Klal Yisroel.
• Chuck and Sandra Zeitler in honor of Chuck’s Birthday and in honor of our children and grandchildren being in town.

Please call the office to reserve your seats, place names of loved ones in the Yizkor Book. Children who are not enrolled in babysitting ahead of time will not be able to use the service.

Also, the office is now taking orders for Lulav and Esrog sets.

"It is appropriate for every G-d fearing man to make an effort to get an Aliyah on the Yomim Noraim (Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur)… There is greater spiritual advantage in a Mitzvah that comes one’s way through monetary expenditure than in a Mitzvah that has come one’s way free of charge." (Mishna Berura) If you are interested in taking the initiative in acquiring the merit of an Aliya on Yom Kippur, for yourself or someone else, and investing in our Kehilla at the same time, please contact the office or Martin Lipman.

Gut Shabbos
Deena and I wish you all a G’mar Chasima Tova L’Shana Tova U’Mesuka

Rabbi Davidovich

Parshas Vayeilech
Shabbos Shuva
Friday, October 7
Candle lighting 6:39 PM
Mincha 6:40 PM

Shabbos, October 8
Parsha Shiur 8:30 AM
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Shabbos Shuva Drasha 5:30 PM
Mincha 6:25 PM
followed by Shalosh Seudos
Shabbos ends 7:46 PM

Sunday, October 9
Selichos 7:25 AM
Shacharis 8:00 AM
Mincha-Maariv 6:40 PM
Mishnayos Shiur 7:25 PM

Monday, October 10
Selichos 6:10 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Mincha-Maariv 6:40 PM
Mishnayos Shiur 7:25 PM

Tuesday, October 11

Erev Yom Kippur
Selichos 6:30 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Mincha 3:00 PM (Late Mincha) 6:15 PM
Candle-Lighting 6:33 PM
Kol Nidrei 6:35 PM

Wednesday, October 12
Yom Kippur
Shacharis 9:00 AM
HaMelech 9:45 AM
Yizkor not before 11:30 AM
Mincha 4:40 PM
Fast Ends 7:40 PM

Thursday, October 13
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Mincha-Maariv 6:35 PM
Mishnayos Shiur 7:20 PM

Friday, October 14
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM
Candle-lighting 6:28 PM
Mincha 6:30 PM

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