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HJC News – Vayeishev

(Announcements follow the schedule)

Friday, December 12
Candle lighting 4:38 PM
Mincha 4:40 PM

Saturday, December 13

Parsha shiur 8:30 AM
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Navi shiur 4:00 PM
Mincha 4:30 PM
Shabbos ends 5:47 PM

Sunday, December 14
Shacharis 8:00 AM
Mincha-Maariv 4:45 PM
Mishnayos 5:30 PM

Monday-Tuesday, December 15-16
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:45 AM (Brochos on Talis and Tefillin after 6:46am)
Mincha-Maariv 4:45 PM
Mishnayos 5:30 PM

Wednesday-Thursday, December 17-18 (Chanukah)
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:40 AM (Brochos on Talis and Tefillin after 6:48am)
Mincha-Maariv 4:45 PM
Mishnayos 5:30 PM

Friday, December 19 (Chanukah)
Gemara Shiur 6:15 AM
Shacharis 6:40 AM (Brochos on Talis and Tefillin after 6:49am)
Candle lighting 4:40 PM
Mincha 4:30 PM (Note earlier time)


Refuah Sheleima to Chanan Perkel.

Condolences to Alyza Shapiro on the passing of her father Jerry Shapiro.

This week at Shalosh Seudos, the Mishnayos shiur will make a Siyum on Seder Nezikin.

Chanukah begins on Tuesday night, when the first candle is lit.

The Simcha Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by the following people:

  • Rob and Jan Altshuler in honor of Jason Claude, Jack Klein, Harold Males and any other members of the Shul who are veterans. Thank you for keeping our country free and safe.
  • Rob Altshuler in honor of Jan being eligible for Medicare. Also, in honor of Chaya Devorah Corbett’s Birthday.
  • Jason and Sandra Claude in honor of all of Jason’s fellow veterans.
  • Edna Edelman in honor of her Shabbat Friend, Tova.
  • Ruth Fingerhut in honor of her father Samuel Fingerhut’s Yahrzeit – Shmuel Simcha Ben Yerachmiel.
  • Joel and Lynn Goldstein in honor of Lynn’s birthday, Ari Goldstein’s birthday, and in observance of the yahrzeit of father and grandfather Arthur Schofer-Yehuda Aryeh Ben Yaaakov.
  • Jack and Sharon Klein in honor of Jack’s Birthday.
  • Martin and Marla Lipman in honor of the Birthday of granddaughter Leah Mendelson, Birthday of granddaughter Tova Mendelson, Birthday of daughter-in-law Yocheved Lipman, Birthday of mother Florence Lipman, Birthday of Martin Lipman, Anniversary of Martin and Marla Lipman, in honor of Josh and Sora Mendelson’s 10th anniversary and the Birth of our first great niece, Anya Cecile Kuhn.
  • Harold and Faiga Males in honor of the engagement of their grandson Bentzion Appel to Nechama Raisel Marlowe.
  • Jeff and Melanie Muller in honor of Jeff’s Birthday.
  • Neil and Isabel Parks in honor of their Wedding Anniversary and Neil’s Birthday.
  • Irwin and Lorna Shulman in honor of the birth of Chuck and Sandra Zeitler’s grandson, Zev Schultz.
  • Aaron and Anne Wolf In honor of Devora’s Birthday.
  • Chuck and Sandy Zeitler in honor of her granddaughter Kayla on her Bas Mitzvah and also her granddaughter Yael’s birthday.
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