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HJC News – Vayeishev

The Simcha Kiddush this Shabbos is co-sponsored by:
  •         Rob and Jan Altshuler in gratitude to Hashem for a misdiagnosis.
  • ·       Edna Edelman Shabbat Shalom, Happy Chanukah and I welcome the snow.
  • ·       Dr. Bela Glaser thank you to my friends well wishes and in honor of his father’s Bar Mitzvah Anniversary.
  • ·       David and Devorah Goldblatt in honor of the Birthdays of Devorah and Talia Goldblatt. 
  • ·       Ken and Eileen Goldblatt in honor of Devorah's Birthday, Talia's Birthday, Ken and Eileen's 36th Anniversary – and Chag Sameach Chanuka to all!
  • ·       Bob and Debby Jacob in honor of the Yahrzeit of Bob’s mother Elizabeth Jacob and in honor of the Birthdays of our grandsons Avi and Dylan.
  • ·       Jack and Sharon Klein in memory of Sharon's mother, Pearle Goldman.
  • ·       Robert Kleyman in memory of his wife Maya on her 65th Birthday.
  • ·       Martin and Marla Lipman in honor of the birthdays of Yocheved Lipman, Florence Lipman and Martin Lipman; the anniversary of Josh and Sora Mendelson; and in commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Philip Sherman.
  • ·       Yisrael and Sherrie Mendenhall in honor of Yisrael Mendenhall and Aaron Wolf receiving their Black belts in Karate.
  • ·       Jeff and Melanie Muller in honor of Jeff’s Birthday.
  • ·       Joel and Sharon Peerless in honor of the yahrzeits of Sharon’s mother and Joel’s father.
  • ·       Dr. Lawrence and Phylis Pomerantz in honor of Larry’s 60th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary.
  • ·       Gretchen Shapiro and Dr. Rick Prizant in honor of the yahrzeits of their parents.
  • ·       Alex and Betty Schnittlinger in honor of Rob Altshuler for his hard work on behalf of the shul.
  • ·       Irwin and Lorna Shulman in memory of Lorna’s mother Rose Stein’s Yahrzeit and in honor of the Birthday of their granddaughter Chaya Sara.
  • ·       Chuck and Sandra Zeitler in honor of their granddaughter Yael’s Birthday.
  • ·       Lenny and Penny Beer in honor of their new granddaughter born to Rabbi Uzi and Rachel Beer in Springfield, New Jersey.

Refuah Sheleimah to Dr. Bela Glaser.

Order your wine by contacting the office. Deadline is Monday, December 26th by 12:00 PM.
A Shul ski trip to Brandywine Ski Resort is being planned for February 12. More details to follow. Contact Jeff Muller if interested in joining the trip. See flier for details.

Shacharis this Monday, December 26, will be at 8:00 AM.

If you are not at work during Mincha-Maariv, please consider making attendance at Mincha-Maariv a part of your routine. It's good for you, materially and spiritually, as the prayers said together with a community are guaranteed to be accepted, good for your families, and ensures the continued strength of the Kehilla.
Chanukah starts this Saturday night.  In shul we will light the Menorah before Havdala. But at home Havdala should be made first, followed by the lighting of the Menorah.  
Good Shabbos

Rabbi Davidovich



Friday, December 23

Gemara Shiur        6:15 AM

Shacharis       6:45 AM

Candle Lighting         4:43 PM

Mincha              4:45 PM


Shabbos, December 24 (Vayeishev)

Parsha Shiur   8:30 AM

Shacharis      9:00 AM

Navi Shiur     4:00 PM

Mincha              4:30 PM

Followed by Shalosh Seudos

Shabbos ends      5:52 PM

First Candle lit at home after Havdala


Sunday-Monday, December 25-26 (Chanukah)

Shacharis       8:00 AM

Mincha-Maariv   4:50 PM

Mishnayos Shiur   5:30 PM


Tuesday-Thursday, December 27-29  (Chanukah)

Gemara Shiur        6:15 AM

Shacharis       6:45 AM (Brochos on Talis & Tefillin after Yishtabach)

Mincha-Maariv   4:50 PM

Mishnayos Shiur  5:30 PM 


Friday, December 30   (Rosh Chodesh/Chanukah)

Gemara Shiur        6:15 AM

Shacharis       6:45 AM  (Brochos on Talis & Tefillin after Yishtabach)

Candle Lighting         4:48 PM

Mincha              4:38 PM (Note earlier time)














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