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HJC – Purim gets its own email.

  • We have a Break-Fast Seuda planned for Monday night, after the Megillah reading.  The charge is $5. Please RSVP. 
    •  We will have
      • a Kids’ Carnival.
      • Skits.
      • Music. (Please contact me if you have a portable CD Player you can bring. Or an IPod with Speakers.  Oh, and music too.)
      • Jail. (Please reply to send in your Warden Application.)
      • Amazing $1 Raffles
  • One of Three extravagantly themed Mishloach Manos,
  • a massage from Johanna Ratner, 
  • 90 minute Garden Consultation,
  • Small repair from Rob Althsuler,
  • Three hours of assistance from wonderful young girls.
  • And more…!
  • Mincha on Tuesday is at 4pm. 

  • Deena and I welcome people to stop in at our home to say hello and make a L’Chaim.

  • The Cedar-Green Kollel will be having a post-seudah music filled Purim bash at our shul Tuesday at 7:30PM.  All are welcome to attend.

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