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HJC Schedule – More Cholent

  • Mazel Tov to Gavriel and Chaya Schneider on the birth of a baby girl.  Special Cholent Kiddush this week is sponsored in honor of the birth and naming.
  • Daylight Savings Time.  Remember to move your clocks ahead by one hour before going to sleep Saturday Night.  You will lose one hour of sleep, so plan accordingly.

  • To every Jewish woman and girl: Please attend a community-wide evening of Tehillim and Prayer at Heights Jewish Center Main Sanctuary Monday, March 10 at 8:30 P.M  in response to the massacre of the Yeshiva students in Jerusalem yesterday.
  • The Shul is planning a Luncheon on Shabbos Shushan Purim, March 22, 2008. Please call or email the Office to RSVP ASAP.
  • Project Inspire will be showing the film From the Ashes on Monday March 24 at 8:15pm at the Hebrew Academy on Taylor Road.  I will be speaking after the film on the real meaning of Kiruv, even to those who aren’t into Kiruv.

Good Shabbos.

Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, March 7       

    Candle lighting    6:06 PM
    Mincha-Kabalas Shabbos    6:10 PM

Saturday, March 8 (Pekudei/Rosh Chodesh/Shekalim)       

    Parsha class    8:30 AM
    Shacharis    9:00 AM
    Navi class    5:30 PM
    Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv    6:00 PM
    Shabbos ends    7:15 PM

Daylight Savings Time begins

Sunday, March 9       

    Shacharis    8:00 AM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv-Rambam    7:15 PM

Monday-Thursday, March 10-13       

    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv-Rambam    7:15 PM

Friday, March 14       

    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM

Friday evening, March 14       

    Candle lighting    7:14 PM
    Mincha-Kabalas Shabbos    7:15 PM


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