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Important Community Lecture Tonight at 7:30pm

While I am proud that Heights Jewish Center hosts a number of community-wide events and Torah lectures throughout the year, I don’t make it a point to personally promote them, as I feel that they have enough exposure through the real and virtual bulletin boards of our community, such as Local Jewish News.

However, tonight’s lecture at Heights is one that I strongly recommend to our entire community. It is my observation that all segments of the Jewish community, especially the Orthodox Community, are not properly aware of what it is that the Internet means to our lives, in all respects. The problems, benefits and consequences of this technology are so massive in all facets of our lives that our generation is experiencing a shift in communication that is as huge as having gained the ability to speak, or to write, or to print. It behooves us to think about what this means to us, just as we would wish to understand any new medical advance, or phenomenon that affects us on a daily basis. New things don’t necessarily require fear as a response. But they do require honesty and comprehension.

Tonight’s lecture, "Kedusha; Is there an App for that" addresses these issues, and the speaker, Rabbi Milstein, is uniquely suited to the task of addressing the Orthodox community on issues we need to think about more often.

I look forward to seeing you at Shul at 7:30pm.

Rabbi Davidovich

Despite the name of the flyer file, this is not a Hebrew Academy event. The Academy is one of the sponsors.

safetech flyer HAC.pdf

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