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Important Info re: Shabbos Hagodol Meals in Shul

Hello everybody,

The Shabbos Hagodol meals in shul are being planned as follows:

On Friday Night April 3, we will be starting Shabbos early.  Mincha will be at 6:20 PM.  The earliest time to Light Shabbos Candles is at 6:34 PM.  Candles will be made available in shul. 

The dinner afterwards is reservation only.  Because it is being catered, reservations must be in by Tuesday March 31 at noon.  Please RSVP to the shul office 382-1958 or  We won’t be able to be nice and let you come if you haven’t reserved. So please make your reservations before the deadline.  We don’t like to be mean. 

The cost for the Friday night meal is $12 per person.

If anyone has time to help set up Friday afternoon, or even during davening on Friday evening, your help will be greatly appreciated.  Please reply if you can commit to that.  Even if you can not commit to that, your help serving and clearing during the meal if possible, is appreciated.

The Shabbos Lunch is being sponsored by the members of Deena’s Tuesday Class, in honor of their recent completion of Eishes Chayil.  The Lunch is therefore free of charge.

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