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IMPORTANT msg from President Rob Altshuler re babysitting and other news

I have just been informed that our regular babysitter and our substitute babysitter will both be out of town this Shabbos (Dec 23).  Therefore we will NOT have babysitting available. 

If possible, some of the parents can ‘team up’ to watch their children  while the other parents Daven.  
Please do NOT leave your children unattended.  
Please also be sure that your older children are supervised while in the building.  This past Shabbos the coffee station was maliciously destroyed.  Therefore, you will not see the Hot Water urn available on Shabbos.  It is unfortunate that the congregation at large has to suffer due to the actions of a few.
(If anyone is aware or information related to this incident, please contact Rob Altshuler)

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