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Review of some Halachos for Tisha B’Av this year.

Below is a review of some frequently asked laws and customs for Tisha B’Av this year, which may vary from the usual way of doing things since Tisha B’Av actually falls out on Shabbos.

One may bathe and prepare for Shabbos in the regular manner one is accustomed to, including cutting one’s nails.

We dress in regular Shabbos clothes.

This Shabbos, one may consume meat and wine up until shkia/sunset on Saturday evening, 8:54pm. None of the laws of "Seuda Hamafsekes", such as sitting on the ground, or eating an egg dipped in ash, are observed this year.

Unless it is Mikvah night, marital relations are not allowed on this Friday night.

As noted in the Shul times, HJC will be davening Mincha early, at 6:00pm, following the Navi Shiur at 5:30pm. There is a view that says that only Tisha B’Av appropriate Torah should be learned on the afternoon before the fast. However, I have received and teach the view that this restriction should not be observed on Shabbos. It happens to be that we will be starting Yeshaya (Isaiah) 61, whose topic fits in very well even with that limitation.

From sunset until Shabbos is over, it is still Shabbos, except for the fact that one should not eat or drink.

Once Shabbos is over, say "Barch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol" and change into Tisha B’av-appropriate (non-leather) shoes. Maariv is scheduled for 10:05pm, which will be followed by Eicha and some Kinos.

The blessing on a flame "Borei Meorei Ha’Eish" should be said on Saturday night. It should be said at home. It will also be said in Shul by someone. The rest of Havdala is defered until the end of the fast.

If one must eat on Tisha B’Av, Havdala must be said before eating. When making Havdala on Tisha B’Av itself, one should not drink wine. One may make Havdala on another alcoholic beverage (such as beer), coffee, tea, or cola. No introductory verses are said; Havdala would begin with the "Shehakol" on the drink, NO SPICES, (the blessing on the candle only on Saturday night), and the Hamavdil blessing at the conclusion.

If making Havdala after the fast is over, one may and should make it over a cup of wine or grape juice.

Shacharis on Sunday will begin at 8:30am. Kinos, with my expanded explanations, will begin at approximately 9:10am, and will be available on the shul’s Facebook page.

Talis and Tefillin are not worn at Shacharis on the fast day.

Chatzos, midday, will be at 1:33pm. At this time, one may sit on a regular chair. But the other halachos of Tisha B’Av remain in effect.

Once the fast is over, one may bathe, launder and do most of the other things that were refrained from since Rosh Choedsh Av, with the following excepttions:
Music/parties, and the consumption of meat and wine may resume on Monday morning.

Have a Good Shabbos and an easy fast.


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