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Simchas Torah Kibudim update

We currently have the following bids for Simchas Torah:


  • Atah Horeisa (night) – $100

  • Atah Horeisa (day) – $50

  • Kol Hanearim – $100

  • Choson Torah – $150 (updated)

  • Choson Bereishis – $150

  • Maftir – $50 (updated)

  • Hagbah/Gelilah – $50 (updated)


If you would like to place a bid, please respond to this email (but not “respond all”) or call me at 216-382-1503.  We ask that bids be in increments of at least $25.  You may also place your bid with me in person over Sh’mini Atzeres.


Good Moed,


Martin Lipman


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