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Rabbi Recovery

(from Deena Davidovich:)

Dear Friends,
We are so touched by the outpouring of care and concern of our friends and feel so fortunate to have such a supportive kehilla. Your messages and calls are so encouraging and give much chizuk. 

The primary goal of course is for my husband to get well. The next thing that I am focused on is my children. So although the outpouring makes us feel so cared for, it's difficult to focus on the top priorities when the phone keeps interrupting. Therefore I am requesting that anyone who wants to contact us should please refrain from visiting, calling or texting any of our phone numbers and email us at instead. This way we can check it when we have a few quiet moments. Additionally all the well wishes will be in one place, easily accessible so that I can share them with my husband.  We will continue to be strengthened by your support in a more manageable way.  We appreciate your understanding that it will be impossible to respond to everyone individually. But know that we will read them all in time and that this means so much to us. 

Please continue to daven for Raphael Ben Toiba Leah.  He is in the ICU. The doctors think he should bezras Hashem heal. It might be a long haul. Please know that we will try to send more updates but respect our privacy. 

Rabbi Burnstein of Young Israel is making himself available for shailos while Rabbi Davidovich recuperates. 

My Monday class for women is in hold for now. 

May we share besuros tovos. Thank you for being there for us. 

Chodesh Tov

Rabbi Davidovich and Deena